We get it, there's a lot of competition out there. So why should you choose SOS? We've got a number of reasons, some from our very own satisfied customers, as to why you should save your time and money and go straight to SOS!

To name a few:

-- Most competitive prices
-- Quick response time
-- Friendly, reliable, honest, and professional service
-- 24/7 service for your convenience
-- Passenger and vehicle safety is a top priority for us
-- Don’t worry, you’re insured – shall a rare circumstance occur, your vehicle is covered through our insurance plan.
-- If you have roadside coverage through a 3rd party we deal with them directly (eliminating hassle for you and the need to pay upfront)
-- We ‘hook you up’ all the way through – we’ve partnered with numerous automotive shops to provide you with full vehicle repair options if you need more than a tow.
-- No cash? No worries, we accept credit cards.
-- No membership required (no point in spending money on something you may not even need!)
-- Need a tow to Toronto, Montreal, the States? Doesn’t matter where, we can take you there!

    Discounts and loyalty programs for returning customers

These are just a few reasons why you should call SOS. We deal with every customer with utmost care and honesty, understanding the importance of your time and money.

Give us a call and try us out for yourself. You’ll develop your own set of reasons why you should choose SOS!