SOS Teams Up with Outlet Collection at NiagarA

In May 2014, the Niagara Region was pleased to add the Outlet Collection at Niagara to their shopping repertoire! The Outlets were a success from the get-go, bringing in people of all ages and styles from all around. As part of their amenities, the Outlet offers complimentary battery boosts and lockout assistance, allowing for one less thing for their customers and employees to worry about.

And guess who the Outlet chose to service their customers? That’s right, none other than SOS Towing! They've entrusted us with dealing with their customers first hand, providing quick and reliable service! We’ve embraced this opportunity and exceeded their expectations! The feedback from the Outlet Collection, its employees and customers has been nothing but positive. We are proud to be serving our region.

Free Services on New Years Eve; Safe Driving Initiative

New Years Eve, what a joyous occasion for us all! What better way to ring in the new year than to celebrate with family and friends without any worries or troubles. To help you celebrate worry-free, SOS Towing has taken the initiative to offer free towing and roadside services on New Years Eve. We began this initiative in 2014 with the goal of making it a tradition going forward. Our intentions are simple: to prevent some drunk driving incidents, allowing us to make our roads that much safer for everyone else.

The feedback we received was overly positive with many customers and friends relying on us on New Years Eve to get them home safely. To us, it was a small gesture of safety and care for the community, but to everyone else, it meant the potential of saving lives. And that’s worth every second we spent out on those roads!

We genuinely wish everyone a safe and happy New Year!

Ontario Passes Road Safety Bill, Move Over Law Extends to Tow Trucks

Source: Canadian Towing & Recovery Magazine

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